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Our Values

GRACE & TRUTH LIVE HERE - we don't conform the Word to us, we transform through the Word by GRACE & TRUTH. We don't just believe it, we LIVE it.

KNOWN & LOVED - we are real people living life beyond a Sunday. It's hard to know everyone, but we can make sure everyone is known. Come. Connect. Belong. 

ALWAYS REHEARSING - if worship is what we'll do forever, why wait? Live like He is the priority, always. 

JOYFUL CONTRIBUTORS - because He gave everything, I will do something. We get to do this!

BATTLE MEDIOCRITY - find Jesus in the details. Honor God. Inspire Others. 

IRRATIONAL GENEROSITY - we give even if it hurts because we're never closer to the heart of God than when we give. It doesn't make sense - it makes faith. 

ADD VALUE TO THIS CITY - we're here to extend hope beyond the walls. We're more than a building. 

BIG FAITH - we don't just dream it, we act on it! We know where we're going and we won't settle for less. This ain't it!

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